US-Built, Non-Chinese Drones

High Security Drone Services – Secure Solutions for Sensitive Drone projects

Drone Mapping & Surveying

Aerial Photography & Videography

Drone Inspections

Secure Drone Solutions Using Non-Chinese Drones

SA-UAVs pride themselves on offering high security, non-Chinese drones for defence contractors, critical infrastructure and sensitive drone mapping and surveying applications. DJI Drones are market leaders in UAV’s (unmanned Aerial Vehicles), however worldwide reliance on these Chinese made and manufactured drones has been causing concern in the military and defence industries. DJI drones were banned by the US military in 2017 and The Australian Department for Defence has recently suspended the use of all DJI drones.

American Made Skydio 2 Drones

To ensure we are always at the cutting edge of innovation, security and technology, SA-UAVs have invested in American made and manufactured Skydio 2 drones which combine state of the art engineering with military grade components for precision and accuracy.

6 x 4K 2000 obstacle sensing cameras, for 360-degree visibility in any direction

Superior imagery & footage with 12 MP photos and 4K 60HDR Video

Advanced obstacle avoidance powered by AI for advanced safety and manoeuvrability

Up to 6 km operating range

Robust waterproof design for operation in most weather conditions

Unmatched reliability and agility

US-Built Non-Chinese Drones

Uncompromising Security for Critical Projects

Unlike our fleet of DJI drones which store flight logs and low resolution data to the cloud, all data on our non chinese Skydio 2 drones is captured and stored locally on the device. This approach ensures maximum privacy for sensitive data. With no external servers and no third-party access, our Skydio 2 drones offer uncompromising security making them the go-to choice for critical projects.

High Security (Non-Chinese) Drone Services

Aerial Photography

Capture unique imagery and visuals from any angle.

Aerial Videography

Capture detailed footage or create cinematic masterpieces for maximum visual impact.

Drone Mapping

Construct accurate 3D models for building, agriculture and land surveying.

Drone Inspections

Safely inspect critical infrastructure, pipelines, and hard-to-reach areas.

Custom Drone Solutions

Customised packages for government, defence contractors and corporate clients.
US-Built, Non-Chinese Drones
US-Built, Non-Chinese Drones
US-Built, Non-Chinese Drones

Why SA-UAVs for High Security Drone Projects

Data Security & Confidentiality

At SA-UAVs confidentiality, security and data protection are our key priority. We offer flexible options of raw or processed footage for delivery.  We can provide your files on a secure USB drive or through an encrypted server to safeguard your valuable information.

Expert Drone Pilots

Our drone pilots have thousands of hours flying experience and can navigate even the most challenging environments with ease. Whether its navigating through tight access points, precision mapping, or detailed infrastructure inspections, you can trust our drone operators to deliver results that meet & exceed your expectations.

Tailored High Security Drone Solutions

Every project is unique, and we understand the importance of flexibility. Our team will work closely with you to customise our services to ensure we meet the specific requirements of your industry and operations.

Need a secure, high-tech, non Chinese drone hire solution? Contact the aerial experts at SA-UAVs for precision, efficiency and security—all in one.