Drone Testing – Taking The Guesswork Out Of Buying A Drone

Working out which drone to buy can be time-consuming and frustrating, so why not try our Fly Before You Buy service. Test fly a range of personal and commercial drones from the market leader DJI to find which drone is best for you!

Fly Multiple Drones

1 Hour Testing Session Just $100

Test DJI Mini, Mavic, Inspire & Matrice Models

Test Before You Invest

With so many models of drones on the market – it can be tough to know which one is the best for you. Online research or visiting a local store may provide a good starting point, but given the price tag on a drone can range anywhere from $500 to $20,000+ you want to be sure that you make the right decision.

This is where our Try Before You Buy service can help. You get to choose from 7 different test drones, including hobby drones, professional drones and commercial drones, so you can get a feel for the different types of drones and buy with confidence and certainty.

Our drone testing service gives you an hour with one of our CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) certified done pilots, who will talk you through the different features of the drones, supervise your test flight and help you make the right choice. Our drone pilots will take into account your experience, knowledge, how you want to use the drone (such as for photos or videos) and answer all of your questions.

Whether you want to turn your beginner hobby into a career, upgrade your existing drone for something bigger, or perhaps you want some reassurance before making a big investment – we’re here to help.

Drone Testing – Your Session Includes

1 Overview

Each session starts with a quick chat about drone rules & regulations, referencing the CASA website and apps to check airspace restrictions. Understanding where you can fly and managing your flight expectations is crucial before purchasing a drone to ensure you can actually fly where you want to to get the footage you need.

2 Showcasing 7 Different Drones

Our experienced drone pilots provide an introduction to seven different drones, showcasing their unique features such as camera capabilities, flight times, tracking functions and accessories. Each drone will be available for you to see and handle.

Drones Showcased

  • DJI Mini 2 Drone
  • DJI Mini 3 Drone
  • DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone
  • DJI Mavic 3 Cine Drone
  • DJI Inspire 2 Drone
  • DJI Matrice 200 Drone
  • DJI Matrice 210 Drone

Our commercial drones – the Inspire and Matrice models, are not really suitable for beginners or enthusiasts but will help you understand and get a feel for the differences between small and large drones.

3 Flight Experience – Knowledge

Next, we’ll select one of the drones (most likely the popular Mini 2 or 3) and guide you through pre-flight procedures. We’ll explain the functions of the remote controller, the app, and essential steps for a safe flight, including battery checks, GPS connectivity, compass calibration, SD card insertion, formatting (trust us, you don’t want to forget this) and using the correct camera settings and filters. These procedures provide a great checklist for when you purchase or fly your own drone.

4 Flight Experience – Your Turn!

Now it’s your chance to take the remote and fly the drone in close proximity. This will give you a good feeling for the drone’s flight characteristics and we’ll provide insights on flying it both facing away from you and towards you (hint: the stick input reverses). You’ll also have the opportunity to fly a larger drone, such as the Mavic 2 Pro or Mavic 3 Cine, allowing you to compare the different sizes and features of the drones.

5 Question & Answers

At the end of the session, we’ll allocate time for any additional questions you may have. Whether it’s purchasing a new drone, tips for buying a second-hand one or if you need assistance with aerial photography and videography, we’re happy to help. We can provide expert lessons in various drone operations to further enhance your skills.

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Drone Buying FAQs

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What factors should I consider before buying a drone?

Before purchasing a drone, you should consider your experience level, intended use (hobbyist or professional, video or cinematography etc.), budget, features (e.g., camera quality, flight time) and local drone regulations.

What types of drones can I test?

You can test a range of hobby, enthusiast and professional drones. However, if you are a beginner, we recommend you test the Mini 2 or 3, and you’ll also get to fly the Mavic 2 or 3 for comparison.

Where can I buy a drone?

DJI drones are available from a wide range of stockists, including camera shops, online retailers and popular high street stores such as Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi and the Good Guys.

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What features should I look for in a drone?

The features you should look out for depend on your specific needs and our drone pilots will talk to you about this. Some key features to consider include, camera quality, flight time, range, stability (built-in stabilisation systems), obstacle avoidance, GPS capabilities and controller type (e.g. smartphone app or dedicated remote).

What is the average price range for drones?

Drone prices can vary widely depending on the brand, model and features. Good entry-level consumer drones typically range from $500 to $5000, while professional-grade drones can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

What accessories or additional equipment should I consider purchasing?

Depending on the type of drone and its intended use, you may want to consider accessories such as extra batteries, propellers, carrying cases, memory cards, ND filters (for camera drones) and even dedicated drone insurance for added protection. Our drone pilots would be happy to recommend accessories for you.